Costa South America Names New CEO

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Dario Rustico

Costa Cruises has named Dario Rustico as CEO of its South America operation, taking over from Renê Hermann after a 24 year career.

Rustico, from Italy, has been with the company since 2002 and has been based in Brazil for the last three years as sales and marketing manager.

In a press release, the cruise line highlighted Rustico’s efforts to increase the length of the local seasons, to find new commercial partners and to increase the company’s outbound business.

Prior to his move to Brazil, Rustico spent time in Asia for Costa, helping open the Italian line’s Hong Kong office.

“South America is a priority for Costa. It is one of the more traditional territories for Costa outside of its country of origin. I believe the region has potential for further growth in the coming years if we are able to develop new destinations, create more modern infrastructure and have operational costs similar to other regions in the world,” Rustico said, in a press release. 

After stepping down, Hermann will serve in a newly created role, institutional president. According to Costa, the position will be vital for the development of the brand and the local cruise market. Hermann will help with new strategic opportunities, develop new ports of call and improve operational costs. 

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